A unique “Plug-And-Play” platform for Surveys, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting or Lead Transfers
…and More!

Through this “Plug-And-Play” approach, we become your customized voice to prospective clients and customers.

Our model is designed to allow us to deal with the “No’s” and give you the warmest and most receptive prospects to close!

The survey and campaign process we employ are customized and 100% contractually confidential. You never have to be concerned about your leads and campaigns being recycled, given to competitors or sold to the next ‘highest bidder’.

We use your customized campaigns for you ONLY as we establish and enhance your presence on and off the web.

Some of the methods we use:

Social Media


We Live Chat
Live chat and Text

Email Marketing



Follow up


Setting (Outbound)

  • “The team over there at Consultative Resource Solutions Group is wonderful and were a great help in setting up my campaigns. I know how difficult it can be to generate leads for other companies having come from that industry myself. These guys did it in record time and delivered on results according to my needs.”

    ~Ramon Hopes City Passport
  • “We are a import/export company that looks for new avenues to get our products out to the public as well as B2B networking. We consulted with CRSG and came up with new and exciting ideas that pay off quickly. They are very fair in pricing, yet...well worth every penny spent!”

    ~Product Acquisitions Manager SmaWorld EmixPorts…
  • “I had a friend that told me about CRSG’s business solutions. I was not sure they would be able to help me because this is a cleaning company. I needed someone to conduct our interviews in a professional environment since I personally don’t have a lot of time. Surprisingly, they were able to offer me a solution that works for me.”

    ~J.Gomez In-A-Flash Cleaning…
  • “We needed to collaborate with businesses of various types to expand and solidify our business model. We were fortunate to have one of the gentlemen from CRSG that personally walked us through the entire process. He helped turn otherwise cold leads into warm collaborative affiliates and partners. Thanks CRSG!”

    ~Wes S. Eat, Stay, Play…
  • “I needed more reviews, leads, SEO work and email campaigns set up to help me sell more product thru online portals like Amazon. This company has quickly become an invaluable resource for the type of business I do online.”

    ~Mali H. PowerUp Power Banks…
  • “Our organization is a non-profit that seeks creative means of helping less fortunate children do things they otherwise would never have opportunities to do...like surfing! It has been a painless and wonderful experience partnering with an organization like CRSG to get our name and purpose out to our target audience.”

    ~Active Committee Managing Partner Urban Surf 4 Kids…
  • “I am an entrepreneur, single mother of two with 48 hours of work to fit into a 24 hour day. I love what I do and like to focus on baking! Consultative Resource Solutions Group, makes things like this possible with a lead generation system like they have. It’s great to have a resource to rely on for leads when I need more work. I’ll be in touch soon!”

    ~Jubilee Jubi-Cakes…
  • “As a Business Reputation Management company we depend upon and need, solid and reliable business partnerships. We have a lot at stake! Having businesses come over to us to manage their reputation is a great responsibility that we take serious. Having CRSG as a major resource solution for things that can come up from time to time, gives us a peace of mind. This company has only shown themselves to be helpful and professional always as they tackle the tasks we put in front of them. CRSG we are glad to call you an affiliate-partner.”

    ~Senior Management Good Rep Guys…

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