Acquire Customers and Create Stronger Relationships with CRS Group Call Centers

Providing professional call center services and developing affordable contact management services is what we do best.  For 15 years we have transacted inbound and outbound calls servicing millions of customers and over 20% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US. Whether we collect data, upgrade a customers’ service or handle a customer inquiry, CRS Group call center services couple sophisticated technologies with experienced Representatives. Companies that have internal call centers often say we save them between 15-20% in cost comparisons and increases in efficiencies. Some companies focus on volume, CRS Group call center services focuses on call quality and customers.


Professional Call Center Services at CRS Group

CRS Group award winning call center services offer business and government agencies a low cost, high quality resource for all your call center needs.

A nationally recognized provider, CRS Group answers calls and acquires customers through our international call center footprint and work at home representatives based throughout the US.   If you want your customer’s treated the right way, ask us how.

More importantly, just ask some of our Clients that have been with us. We are confident you’ll hear a common theme…”CRS Group creates a better customer experience for our customers and provides us with a higher ROI than other outsource partners..they are great team to work with!” 

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