CRS GROUP: Live Web Site Text Chat with Your Customers.

CRS Group utilizes multiple chat technology to provide a custom chat window to your web enabled customers. Real-time interaction simplifies navigation of order forms and the ability to push web pages to your visitors, enhances the experience. If you have a web site today, you are losing customers by not offering live customer service and support so your visitors can have the information readily available to make an important decision such as a buying your product or service.

The “Click 2 Chat” feature on your web site gives your business the opportunity to offer visitors the ability to ask questions real time. That question just might be “how do I buy or sign up?”. Live chat services by CRS Group are an affordable and efficient way to assist and interact with your customers.

CRS Group has been providing chat services since 2002 and has multiple enterprise deployments exceeding several hundred agents.

Some CRS Group Live Chat Highlights:

  • Increasing online sales conversion by over 5X when compared to self-service.
  • CSAT and Net Promoter Scores rate “very Satisfied” with a higher “willingness to recommend”
  • Sales per hour exceed our competitors providing our clients with a greater ROI

Professional Live Chat Services: CRS Group

CRS Group can have a live chat box up on your site in a matter of hours, new and happy customers in a matter of minutes. Are you Click 2 Chat with Talk 2 Rep today!

Live Chat Services

CRS Group live chat services means high quality chat experience for your visitors.

Live chat Services Key Features

  • 3-to-1 text chat

  • Real-time document push

  • “Canned” text shortcuts for quick live chat response

  • Bookmark organizer for quick page push

  • Chat transcript for both customer and agent

  • Live chat services support for multiple languages including Spanish and French.

  • Support for multiple sites or departments

  • Live chat services full statistics and session transaction history

  • Proactive and static buttons

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